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Premier Medical Product and Services Company!

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“We are a TRUE specialty medical product company. We want to work closely with our customers and manufacturer partners to provide outstanding service.”

Professional Sales Representation

Dedicated people who enjoy working with healthcare professionals to rapidly implement solutions into the clinical pathway. As contributors to the health care team we introduce innovative technology and well executed programs to improve clinical outcomes.

Our sales representatives are career oriented with long term commitments to you and your organization. We take particular pride in the following:

  • Personal relationships

  • Local representation 

  • Accessible Educational programs

  • Professional in-servicing

  • Support material

  • New product implementation

A local facility with people who enjoy serving others through personal relationships.


  • Adequate and local stocking

  • Same day order fulfillment or “Just-in-Time”

  • Ability to handle unique product stocking situations

  • Phone answered personally by people involved in all facets of the business

  • Ability to handle emergency orders

  • No minimum order

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